Monday, July 25, 2011

Initial reflection from the Peru trip

Traveling to Peru is always amazing. I love it. But there is something about a 9 hour truck trip up the mountains and to the tropics, that simply blows you away. Thats how this trip was to San Ignacio, Cajamarca. A small town so far North that it is almost on the border with Ecuador. San Ignacio has become one of the hottest coffee growing regions of the country. Competing head on with the more traditional coffee regions of Central Peru, like Villa Rica and Chanchamayo. To start, the scenery on this trip is just amazing. First crossing through rice plantations that offer so many greens over the mountains, that you think you are watching a really well put together movie, with exact and price lighting and filming. Except that its not film. Its for real.

You first must go to Jaen, a secondary city and a major commercial zone. CENFROCAFE, one of the most important coffee cooperatives in the North of Peru is based in this town. And we stop by to visit with them. I am sharing some of the pictures from our time with them. The cooperative even has a small coffee shop right in town. Here I had an awesome local young barista pull me a shot of some real good coffee.... Check him out. Local Cajamarca barista talent!

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